Peace Education Lesson – Education About Peace

Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Course – Blog #4 (10/31/2011)

Here is a lesson that relates to “Education About Peace.” I will actually be using it this week in the afterschool Peace Club I’m helping facilitate.

Me Too IcebreakerIcebreaker: “Me Too” (10 minutes)

Objective: Allow students to see the similarities, diversity, and interconnectedness of everyone.

Materials: Ball of string or yarn

Overview: Start by having the students sit in a circle. Next, have one student start with the ball of string in their hands. The student with the ball of string starts by making a statement about themselves, for example: “My favorite color is blue.” Next, all of the students who have this in common say “Me too!” The student with the ball of string then holds on to the end of the string and passes it to one of the students who said “Me too.” This step is continued for several minutes until the ball of string has been passed to all of the students. At the end of the activity, there will be a large connected web among all of the students to show how they are each connected in various ways (yet also have much diversity).

Define PeacePeace Activity:  What is Peace? (45 minutes)

Objective: Have students define peace through writing and art.

Peace Education Category: Education About Peace

Materials: Pencil, paper, crayons/colored pencils/markers

Overview: 1) Students write four sentences that start with “Peace is…” Once students have completed, have them share their personal definitions of peace as a group so everyone can get a full scope of what peace means to everyone.

2) Students express what peace means to them artistically by drawing peace. This can be symbols of peace, a scene that displays peace, etc

Please share your thoughts!

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